Sunday, January 30, 2011

I got a Dutch Oven

No, I do not mean one of these.

I couldn't bring myself to pay $300 for one of the super fancy ones, so I really classed it up and bought one at Walmart.  Don't hate on me because I'm not a hater.  I got a pretty blue one.  It's spiffy and I love it.  I made Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup in it tonight.  To go with it, I made these quick yeast rolls.  In the interest of full disclosure on these, I will tell you the changes I made.  In the rolls, I used butter instead of crisco.  I forgot to buy velveeta earlier this week, so I used fat free cream cheese (1 block) and 8 oz of shredded cheddar cheese (I used the lower fat, 2% milk kind) and about an ounce of soft goat cheese.  I didn't include the onions, because sadly, my DH hates onions in his food.  I omitted the milk, because it really didn't need it.  I also only made half the recipe, because it makes a crapload!  You could totally add steamed broccoli to this, and heath it up a bit more.

The soup was super hearty and filling.  And when eaten with too many rolls, it really fills ya up!  I still have tons of leftovers.  So I think I'm just going to stick my dutch oven in the fridge with the soup in it, and then reheat it tomorrow for lunch.  That should work, right?  After that I'll break it up in single servings to take to work this week.

Eat In Month is nearly over!  That actually went SO much faster than I thought it would. And I did not cheat, even one time!  I guess I technically have to get thru tomorrow before I can fully say that, but I'm pretty confident I won't blow it.  I did so much great cooking in January!  Soups, casseroles, new recipes...  it was fabulous!  I discovered that the only way I like pork, aside from in ham form, is when you roast in the crockpot in beer, then shred it and add BBQ sauce.  I also discovered that I can plan my meals pretty well, with some easy go-to fall-back plans (like frozen pizza!) for the days when I just.don't.wanna.cook.

Our plan for February is to stick to eating out less.  We may allow one week day lunch, and one dinner.  But I'll be honest, at this point I'm already cringing at the idea of dropping $30 on a meal at a decent restaurant!  I'm going to need to get over that, because I'm meeting friends for lunch and dinner on Wednesday!  I put them all off until January was over, and then both fell on the same day!

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