What's my deal?

Welp, about 8 years ago now (holy crap that went fast) I lost about 70 pounds.

One day, I woke up, tired of being super fat.  Sick and tired of it.  I had been married about a year, and I knew that my hubby probably didn't think it was a great deal, marrying me at a normal (for me) weight, and then ending up with me, much heavier.  He never in a million years would have said anything, but I felt bad about myself, and that was certainly translating into how I interacted with the world, including him.    I looked up Weight Watchers online, on a total whim.  And joined about four minutes later.

Weight Watchers was easy.  Losing weight was easy.  It's not rocket science.  I have kept those 70 pounds off, and now I'm perpetually working on the last 30 pounds.  It turns out that losing the first 70 pounds was easy.  The rest?  It's turning out to be not.so.easy.  It's still not rocket science.  I never wonder "why, oh why, did I not lose weight this week?"  I always know.

Now, I'm trying to work on the stuff that makes this hard for me.  The emotional eating, the boredom eating, the self-destructive eating.  The conundrum of wanting to exercise, but not wanting to get my ass up and do it.  The easy part is over.  The hard, working-on-myself part is really just beginning.