Sunday, January 30, 2011

I got a Dutch Oven

No, I do not mean one of these.

I couldn't bring myself to pay $300 for one of the super fancy ones, so I really classed it up and bought one at Walmart.  Don't hate on me because I'm not a hater.  I got a pretty blue one.  It's spiffy and I love it.  I made Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup in it tonight.  To go with it, I made these quick yeast rolls.  In the interest of full disclosure on these, I will tell you the changes I made.  In the rolls, I used butter instead of crisco.  I forgot to buy velveeta earlier this week, so I used fat free cream cheese (1 block) and 8 oz of shredded cheddar cheese (I used the lower fat, 2% milk kind) and about an ounce of soft goat cheese.  I didn't include the onions, because sadly, my DH hates onions in his food.  I omitted the milk, because it really didn't need it.  I also only made half the recipe, because it makes a crapload!  You could totally add steamed broccoli to this, and heath it up a bit more.

The soup was super hearty and filling.  And when eaten with too many rolls, it really fills ya up!  I still have tons of leftovers.  So I think I'm just going to stick my dutch oven in the fridge with the soup in it, and then reheat it tomorrow for lunch.  That should work, right?  After that I'll break it up in single servings to take to work this week.

Eat In Month is nearly over!  That actually went SO much faster than I thought it would. And I did not cheat, even one time!  I guess I technically have to get thru tomorrow before I can fully say that, but I'm pretty confident I won't blow it.  I did so much great cooking in January!  Soups, casseroles, new recipes...  it was fabulous!  I discovered that the only way I like pork, aside from in ham form, is when you roast in the crockpot in beer, then shred it and add BBQ sauce.  I also discovered that I can plan my meals pretty well, with some easy go-to fall-back plans (like frozen pizza!) for the days when I just.don't.wanna.cook.

Our plan for February is to stick to eating out less.  We may allow one week day lunch, and one dinner.  But I'll be honest, at this point I'm already cringing at the idea of dropping $30 on a meal at a decent restaurant!  I'm going to need to get over that, because I'm meeting friends for lunch and dinner on Wednesday!  I put them all off until January was over, and then both fell on the same day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The gauntlet has been HURLED

I'm an ultra competitive person.  Sometimes it manifests itself in not-so-pretty ways.  Sometimes I can be kind of a jerk about it!  It's ok, I work on it constantly.

However, I decided to harness the power of my competitive nature.  I threw down the gauntlet yesterday.  My little brother told me he'd lost 13 lbs since the beginning of the year (holy shit, that is a lot!).  So I challenged him to a weight loss competition.  From now until sometime in March when he goes off to some Army school for a few weeks.  His Army school will mean he needs to be super fit, so this is perfect.

What are we competing for, you ask?

Not money.  Not JUST bragging rights.  Not some sort of chintzy trinket.

We are competing for a chair.  A specific chair in a specific spot around Mom's dinner table.  Every time we are both there, we literally fight for it.  Elbows flying.  Racing to the table.  It's my friggin' chair, but he thinks it's his because in the three years I was off at college while he was still at home, he sat in it.  He claims he sat in it before that, but he's totally full of shit, and we both know it.

So whoever loses the highest % of weight loss by the time he goes off to Army school gets to lay claim to the chair.  Forever.

Hells to the yeah.  I weighed in officially this morning.  190.7.  GAH.  But hey, it gives me lots to lose!  :D

(Still no eating out!  Over three weeks!  I fixed awesome burgers tonight.  I topped mine with onions cooked in the same pan, and some goat cheese.  Friggin' A, that was a good burger.)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Disaster averted!

Today as Spin class was wrapping up, a couple of the gals had hung back, and we were chatting.  One of them mentioned that they were going to Pizza Hut for a birthday party, and I was struck by how badly I'd really like to have that delicious greasy yumminess in my tummy.  I love pizza.  It's practically my favorite food in the entire universe, only second, sometimes, to ice cream.

However, since it's nearly 2/3 of the way thru January and I've stuck to my Eat in Month guns this long, I'm not about to screw it up now.  So I came home and whipped up home made pizza.  God love the Jiffy pizza crust mixes.  It's not the same as a yeast rise pizza crust, but it's fast and easy.  I have frozen yeast pizza dough in the freezer, but it would have taken a long time to thaw, and whipping it up from scratch would have taken easily an hour to be ready to bake.

I had green peppers and little tiny turkey pepperoni slices on mine, along with some some mozzarella and crumbled goat cheese.  Mmmmm.  Goat cheese is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to pizza.  If you haven't tried it, and you are all icked out about it being from a goat (like I was the first time I tried it) yo need to cowboy the f*ck up and try it anyway.  It's salty, creamy, and delicious.  Seriously, it's good on pizza, in pasta, and salads.  Oh, and the softer stuff is excellent on crackers.

Anyway, today's Spin class was an ass kicker.  I felt like it went good, and people seemed to like it and get a good workout.  Woot!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy sore, batman.

Wow.  Krav Maga did a number on my legs.  I suspect it was more the jumping squats and the walking lunges than the actual hitting and kicking, but JEEBUS my legs have been paying for it since Tuesday.  I taught Spin on Wednesday morning, and my legs were sore.  But a good sore.  You know the one.  The "Oh, I did something different yesterday" sore.  So Spin was good, and I had planned on CrossFit after work, but the weather did not cooperate with me, and I went straight home because the roads were so ridiculously slippery. 

Thursday morning, I wake up and start to hop out of bed.  Hold your fucking horses.  My legs!!!  Oh dear god, my legs!!  Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie.  Walking HURT.  Not the "Oh I did something different yesterday" hurt, but the "Who the hell hit my thighs with a baseball bat?" hurt.  So I didn't work out at all yesterday.  Instead I hobbled around, avoided going down sets of stairs, and swore a lot.  I'm very good at that last part. 

Today my legs are back to the "Oh, I did something different yesterday" sore, except that it was really 3 frickin' days ago.  I did a short 3 mile run at lunch, and I'm heading to CrossFit after work.  I'm praying for no lunges. 

Tomorrow I teach a 90 minute Spin class.  Then Sunday, I must must must get out for a longer run, to kick off my official Flying Pig Half Marathon training.  I did some calendar counting this morning, and I have 14 training weekends before the race.  So I've outlined a bit of a schedule for myself, to try and make sure I get my long runs in.  It looks like this (these are the miles I should run each Sunday) - 6, 7, 4, 8, 9, 10, 4, 10, 11, 5, 11, 12, 13, 5, RACE DAY.  That will give me six double digit runs.  Hopefully.  I really struggle with making myself do my long runs once they get up around about eight miles.  It starts to take up a pretty big chunk of my day, and I definitely don't make it happen like I should.  There is a local 10 mile race in March, I think, and I may sign myself up for that for a little extra motivation.  It's also nice to have a well supported long run course!  Drinks, porta potties, etc. 

On the food frontier, I've not done as well as I'd hoped.  We still haven't eaten out, and I'll admit that it's getting much easier.  It's not my first instinct now, which helps a ton.  But I've overeaten on some things, and bought some stuff that I know better than to buy (cheez-its and Reese's PB cups).  So, the struggle with that bullshit goes on.  I can't wrap my head around why, when there is something like that in the house, I can't focus on anything else.  I just GOTTA shove it in my mouth.  At least when it is not in the house, my laziness usually wins out, and I just eat an apple or something. 

Weekends are always a struggle for me, food wise.  The lack of structure in my day typically results in eating one or two bigger meals, with lots of snacking.  It's just harder to keep track of it (for me) when I do this.  This is our own doing, as we like to sleep in, and then we get up and don't want to eat for a while.  I just have to figure out a good solution for weekends. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's a bad ass?

I'm a bad ass!

That's right.

Yes, yes, I am.

It's easy to say this now.  :D  Once class is over!  I was beyond nervous, and actually nearly chickened out.  I finally made myself go in the gym.  Checked in with the dude and the front desk, and must have sounded like a lunatic, because I definitely confused him with my nervous babble.  "Hi, I'm here for Krav Maga, and I joined a while back, you know over a week ago, but haven't been back since cause I'm sick, and I don't have my card, but I joined.  God, I'm sorry I'm babbling, I'm nervous."

Smooth operator, I am.

Anyhoo, after we determined that I could in fact speak in regular sentences, he got me all lined out.  I sat nervously, waiting for class to start.  All these super fit guys were trucking in the door, and only one other girl.  Ok.  I can handle this.  The instructor, who's name did not stick in my mostly incoherent brain, was very nice, and told me I'd be fine.  So we started.

Class started.  We started out shadow boxing to warm up.  Nothing makes the new girl feel dumber than pretending to box against someone who isn't there.  While trying to inconspicuously look at what the other people are doing, so that she doesn't look like a total dumbshit.  So we did that, then we did some jumping jacks, sit-ups and pushups.  Then we paired up and did a shoulder tap drill, which is where you are basically trying to tap your partner's shoulder, and they are trying to touch yours, and both of you are attempting to block the tap from the other person.  While kinda bouncing around.  Next up was straight punching drills.  Apparently, in addition to being unable to speak without sounding like a drunken idjit, I can not make a good fist.  The nice instructor helped me out, and now I'm a fist-making mofo.  Then we did some other hitting and kicking drills.  My elbow is all beat up from the elbow strikes.  Battle scars, BOOYA!

Then, the instructor who remains nameless came up with this harebrained drill for us to do some hitting, then PICK UP A PERSON, FIREMAN CARRY STYLE, and kick three targets while CARRYING A PERSON ON YOUR BACK.  Um, no.  Doubtful.  I gave it a try, with the littlest person there, but I couldn't lift him.  Which was ok, but I felt kinda silly.

When class was over, I was a sweaty, drippy mess.  It.was.awesome.  I feel like such a bad ass, after this class.  I love love love it.

Tomorrow is Spin in the AM and Crossfit after work.  WOOT!  I'm gonna be a sore puppy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First post-sickie run

Welp, it's done.  That's pretty much the best thing I can say about it.

I treadmilled it up, reading my book while I ran.  God bless my e-reader.  It makes treadmill running about 800 better.  3 miles, normal speed.  UGH.  I'm still stuffed up enough that it was kinda breath-y.  The next one will be easier, I'm sure.

I'm hoping to do another short run mid-day tomorrow, followed up by my first official Krav Maga class.  I'm so excited!!  I was going to do it last week, but you know, the sickies.  I trucked it out to Dick's today to look for some sort of hand protection.  They told me I needed either hand wraps (how very bad ass) or light weight gloves.  I was torn, the hand wraps were only $5, but looked kinda tricky, and I've heard they slip around a lot.  So I went with the gloves.  I got PINK ONES.  Eeeee!!  I'm super duper excited.  It's gonna be fun.
Pink Power!

Don't mind the funky shadows cast by my hands and iPhone!  And the possibly dirty counter top.

Still no eating out!  WOOT.  I drove by Panera today, and I was reminded of how much I love the crap out of their onion soup, but luckily, I'd already eaten lunch (leftover goulash, yum!).  Supper was a veggie stir fry.  It was kinda "meh" really.  It was broccoli, carrots, and snow peas (a bagged mix) with some teriyaki sauce.  It turns out that what I prefer in a stir fry is NOT broccoli and carrots.  Bell peppers, onions, and snow peas are good, tho!  But I refused to pay $3 friggin dollars for a single red bell pepper today.  Grrrr.

Tomorrow I may stop at the Sunflower Market on my way home from Krav Maga.  They always have good deals on produce, and I'm in love with their pasta sauce.  The big danger here is their bins and bins of awesome chocolate goodness.  It's hard to resist.  Be strong, Courtney!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in your goulash?

An online friend of mine inspired me to make some goulash today.  However, in our discussion about it, we discovered that goulash means different things to different people.

To me, goulash is ground beef, macaroni noodles, tomatoes, and maybe onions.  I'm pretty sure that when Mom makes it, she squirts ketchup & mustard straight in the pan.  After chatting with my online friends, that is not the only method, apparently.  What's in your goulash (no, this is not a credit card commercial)?

So, I had some lean ground beef in the fridge, just waiting to be used.  So, I threw it in a pan with a couple big spoonfuls of minced garlic.  While it cooked, I chopped up about half an onion (all I had), a red bell pepper and a green bell pepper.  As the meat was cooking, I threw these veggies in.  Then I scrounged in the freezer and found a little frozen corn.  In it went.  Then I dumped in a full can of diced tomatoes, and about 3/4 can of tomato sauce (leftover from the recipe I'd just prepped and put in the crockpot for tonight). As it started to simmer, I tossed in about a cup or so of macaroni noodles.  However much was left in that bag in my pantry!

Then, for mom, I squirted in some ketchup and mustard.  And tossed in a little Wooster Sire Sauce.

I let it simmer, added a little water when needed.  And it made SO MUCH FOOD.  I had to switch to my big pan halfway thru this process!  I dished it up into my favorite green Fiesta Ware bowl, and crumbled some goat cheese on top.  Mix it up, and mmmmmmmmmmmm.  So good.  It will be great as a leftover!  And my hubby won't touch it because of all the veggies.  Hee-hee!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do this

Get in your car.  Drive to Walmart.  Go to the women's section.  Find the Danskin workout pants, the kinds folded up on the shelves.  Find the ones that are full length pants, in the boot cut style.  Find your size.  Purchase.  Go put them on in the bathroom at Walmart.

Ah.  Comfy.

I didn't actually change clothes in the Walmart bathroom, but that's probably only 'cause I didn't know they would be this comfy.

What if I never want to go out to eat again?


While I'm definitely getting the hang of Eat In Month, the hubs and I are already planning our first restaurant meal for dinner on February 1st!  :)  On my way home from getting groceries today, I was sorely tempted to hit up Chik Fil A.  We love Chik Fil A.  Mmmmm.

So when I got home, I asked myself "Self, what would we get at Chik Fil A that is so damn good?"  And Self responded "Chicken strips, duh!  And fries.  Don't forget the fries!"  So I whipped up some home made chicken tenders (dredged in parmesan asiago light dressing, or something along those lines, then rolled in panko crumbs with some seasoning, then popped in the oven to bake) and some frozen french fries.  I know, if I was truly a Crunchy Hippie Chick, I would have made my own home fries, and sometimes I do...  but I am also not afraid of frozen french fries.  They are crisping up right now, in the convection setting on my oven.  Add a little, ok, who the hell am I kidding...  A LOT, of ketchup, and it's like Chik Fil A at home.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I'm now down about six pounds from the Oh Shit How Did That Happen? weight.  So YAY!  I'm planning to hop on my treadmill later on for a short run.  Then I'm off to my sweat shop...  oh wait, I mean sewing room.  I've got a new bag cooking up that is looking pretty promising.  Then I've got two orders to fill.  Better get my ass in gear!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I feel like a person again

Oh man, it's nice to feel like a real person again.  I am nowhere near 100% yet, but I'm about 800% better than I was on Wednesday & Thursday.  I am hoping for a super easy, slow, short run tomorrow.  I was scheduled to teach a 90 min Spin class, but I got a sub because I am not sure that is a good idea just yet.  I'm hopeful I can swing something short & easy.  I need to workout.  Now that I feel better, I can feel that pent up energy starting to bubble up to the surface.  I will need to vent it before I bounce around the house annoying my husband and cats all weekend!

So today, I was VERY VERY tempted to say "F*ck it" and grab dinner on the way home from work.  The hubs and I even discussed it, but we decided to stick to our guns, and go home to eat dinner.  I knew I had a pork loin in the fridge, and I was going to make twice baked potatoes to go with it.  So we went home, and I washed the taters, tossed them in the toaster over to bake, and went about my bidness.  About an hour later, about when I thought I'd put the pork in the oven (not an innuendo, this time ;) I decided to stick a fork in the taters to see if they were getting close to baked.  Well, imagine my surprise when I realized the toaster oven was NOT EVEN ON.

I swore a bit...  Just a teeny bit, because my 10 and 8 year old nieces were here at that exact moment, and I try not to be the one that teaches them new swear words.  Then I turned the damn toaster oven on and moved dinner back another hour.  So hungeeeeee!!!

Anyway, an hour later, I really did put the pork in the oven (for reals, yo, get your mind out of the gutter) and whipped up the twice baked taters.  I didn't have any greek yogurt (well, not any plain greek yogurt, and for some reason strawberry didn't seem like it would really go with taters), so I tossed in a little yogurt butter, garlic, a squirt of ranch dressing, salt 'n peppa, and some goat cheese.  I smooshed it all up with the innards of the taters and then refilled the tater skins.  I then sprinkled shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  Back in the toaster oven they went, while the pork cooked.  Mmmmmmm...

This dinner was Deeee-Lish-us!  Seriously, it's ridiculous how good it was, and how easy.  I need to remember this come February when I don't have the Eat In Challenge keeping me away from Chik Fil A.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not the recommended method

Getting the World's Most Ridiculous Cold is not the recommended method for succeeding at weight loss and Eat In Month.  Seriously, this kinda blows.  I've missed two days of work, many workouts, and I still feel like a big bag of hammered crap.

My wonderful husband has pretty much cemented his place in my life as The One Whom I Cannot Live Without by bringing me diet mountain dew every day at lunch while I'm home being a sicky.  This is the way to my heart, folks.  I'm really quite easy.

As a result of the World's Most Ridiculous Cold, I have barely left the house, let alone gone out to eat.  So yay!  I've been eating my leftover King Ranch Chicken when I wake up out of my Nyquil induced sleep at 11:30 am.  I'm actually really glad I made this earlier this week, because it's nice not to have to really stress on what I'm going to eat.

All I really would like in this whole world, at this exact moment, is some soft serve ice cream.  It would feel good on my giant inflamed throat, and it's sweet enough I'll really taste it.  I don't know if it counts as "eating out" but there is a very real possibility that my DH will be bringing me a McFlurry tonight.  Nothing else sounds good.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

So I had big plans for making dinner tonight.

However, my hubby kind of threw a curveball at me, and couldn't really say when he wanted to eat dinner, because he was waiting on a phone call from his business partner, and knew it would be in about 45-60 min, and had no idea how long it would last.

So we had frozen pizza.  Heathy?  Meh.  Probably not so much!  But we still didn't eat out.  And it was plenty tasty :D

We'll see how the plans go for tomorrow.  I'm giving myself another day (today) of no working out, hoping I'll feel better tomorrow and will not end up sicker as a result of running.  My experience is that usually when I decide to workout anyway, despite feeling like utter crap, that I pay for it the next few days.  So, as much as I wish I was running right this second, I'm going to hold off at least another day.  Let's cross our fingers for tomorrow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meal plan for this week

I had good intentions of meal planning last week, and didn't.  I winged it, but it's nice to have a plan to deviate from.  :D

Ok!  Let's do this.

Monday - we have Mondays off, so it's like another weekend day at our house.  That means probably nothing for breakfast, since we'll sleep in, especially because I'm a sicky right now.

Tuesday - back to work.  Which means packing all my meals, except dinner.
  • Breakfast - yogurt + banana
  • Lunch - leftover King Ranch Chicken
  • Dinner - Pork Loin and some sort of taters, and a quick green salad
  • Snacks - assorted fruit, string cheese, and/or cottage cheese
Wednesday - I have CrossFit after work, so I will put something in the crockpot since we'll get home a bit later than usual
  • Breakfast - yogurt + banana
  • Lunch - leftover King Ranch Chicken
  • Dinner - BBQ Round Steak over egg noodles, and probably some steamed veggies for me (hubby will not care for that :D)
  • Snacks - assorted fruit, string cheese, and/or cottage cheese
Thursday - just another day in paradise.
  • Breakfast - Home made Egg McMuffin (more on this below)
  • Lunch - leftover King Ranch Chicken (good thing I don't mind the same thing for lunch!)
  • Dinner - Home made pizza with sauteed veggies and goat cheese (at least on my half) and turkey pepperoni
  • Snacks - assorted fruit, string cheese, and/or cottage cheese
Friday - FINALLY!!
  • Breakfast - Home made Egg McMuffin
  • Lunch - leftover King Ranch Chicken (this should be the last of it!)
  • Dinner - TBD right now.  After all, it's only Sunday!  Probably something with chicken.  Possibly spaghetti.  
  • Snacks - assorted fruit, string cheese, and/or cottage cheese
So...  home made Egg McMuffins are awesome for breakfast.  I take one of the regular sized cartons of Eggbeaters and pour it into an 8x8 glass pan, sprayed with Pam.  I add in salsa or sauteed onions.  Bake until done.  Maybe 40 min?  It puffs up sometimes, so I just poke it with a knife.  Cut it into 4 squares.  Let cool, and then put in individual baggies and either refrigerate or freeze.  I then warm it up in the microwave at work, top with a slice of reduced fat cheese, and put between two pieces of toast, or an english muffin.  I usually do toast, because I always have bread!  

The real test of Eat in Month

I'm getting sick.  I've been fending this crap off for nearly two weeks by taking Vitamin C and drinking that nasty ass Airborne stuff, but this morning I woke up with a raging sore throat and feeling, well, just crappy.  Eat In Month will be tested while I'm sick.  The last thing I want to do is cook right now, so I suspect that some of the frozen stuff I bought and the crock pot will be our best friends for the next few days (hopefully that is all the longer it lasts).

We have eaten every last stitch of fruit we bought on our shopping spree earlier in the week.  We are snacking on it, not sweets or chips.  So we are headed to the store to restock on that today.

So far I'm down a few pounds from the "Oh shit how did that happen?!?!" weight on Monday.  So that is good news!  I had a good workout week, and if I feel ok later, I will try a short, easy run.  I hate to lose all my momentum, and I know I'll feel better after doing it.  Then I have an excuse to take a long, hot bath. Which is perfect, because it's snowing like a mofo here!  I'm glad I don't have to drive across the state in this, like I did last time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Still rollin'...

Whew.  So I've avoided eating out all week.  WOOO!!  That's the good news.

The bad news is that I have a sink full of dirty dishes from all the damn cooking.

My goals for this weekend:

  • Cook ahead a bit, casserole, some egg beater patties to make my own McMuffins, who knows what else
  • Avoid eating out for Eat In Month
  • Run on both days
  • Go to Sports Authority to buy hand wraps for my Krav Maga class next week.  squeeeeeal!
I didn't get to go to Crossfit tonight.  Booooo.  I couldn't get out of work on time.  Just a few things that I simply had to finish up before I left for the weekend.  That was my planned workout for today, but it's not the end of the world.  I'm pretty sore, and my legs are pretty beat, so a day of rest won't kill me.  

I'll be up in good time tomorrow to run before we go see Tron.  My husband is excited about it, and I just hope it doesn't suck too bad and has some eye candy.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flying Pig, here I come!

I just booked my airfare to the Flying Pig on May 1st!  Eeeee!!  I'm doing the half marathon, not the full (are you crazy?).

I'm excited and scared, all at the same time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1, nearly over, and a success

We narrowly escaped Walmart with any money at all tonight!  We dropped a cool $240 on groceries - EEK!  Part of that is due to the Eat In Month challenge, and part of it is due to having been away from home for nearly two weeks.  I haven't done any real grocery shopping since early December, aside from picking up some fruit and snacks now and then.

So, my pantry and freezer are now stocked.  There shall be no excuses.  We even bought some frozen meals, for those nights when I just don't want to cook or mess up the kitchen.  Banquet for him, Lean Cuisine for me.  :)  While I know these aren't gourmet, they will do in a pinch.  We also got sandwich stuff.  Because really, who doesn't love a sammich?

And then lots of fruit.  Fruit is "free" on Weight Watchers, which is what I am following to try and lose 30 lbs this year.  So you can bet your ass I stocked up on it.

I'll post a meal plan for the week shortly!  I'm gonna try to cook with my crockpot at least one work night per week (we work 4 10 hour days Tues-Fri) because I really struggle on those days.

More later!

So far so good...

So, less than 24 hours in to the Eat In Challenge, I'm still doing good.  That is an accomplishment, right?  RIGHT?  Actually, knowing my DH and I, it is.  Plus, we are off work, and we nearly always grab lunch at somewhere like Chic Fil A or Subway.  We are planning a late lunch (we slept WAY in), and it will consist of rotisserie chicken with some sort of veggie side (we are going grocery shopping, so we'll decide there).  We are planning to get lots of stuff that can be frozen.  So while that will probably include some frozen pizza, it will also include some things like frozen potatoes and veggies, which will be easy to whip up in the evenings.

My mom got me some great glass dishes for Christmas, to put single serving leftovers in to.  She has been reading about BPA in plastic tupperware type containers, and she wants us to all get rid of our plastic.  I actually think this is a great idea, because tupperware flips over in the dishwasher, and glass will not.  Always thinking, I am.  I plan to use these to make some of my own "frozen entrees" for work.  I may even make up a batch of chili to freeze, because it is a great lunch at work, and it's pretty much uber healthy.  It's got beans in it, FFS!!

On a fitness note, I plan to run today.  It is fucking freezing outside, so it will be inside on my treadmill.  4 miles is the goal.  Should be easy.  We shall see.

Tomorrow I'd like to run and do Krav Maga.  I'm so excited to start Krav Maga.  The intro class I went to a couple weeks ago ROCKED, and I know it's going to kick my ass.  I need something to mix up my workout routine, and I hope this does the trick.  I also plan to incorporate Crossfit, since my Krav Maga gym is also a Crossfit affiliate.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting Fresh in 2011

Along with the rest of the world, I am making some resolutions to get my year started off right. Let's just dive in, shall we?

  • Eat In Month - I'm so totally going to attempt this. I don't know how long we will make it (we eat out A LOT), but we are going to try this. It's a good month for this, because we both want to eat healthier, and it's way easier to do that when you are cooking or eating at home. We also want to save a little money, and we don't have any trips this month. So, starting right this very second (we ordered pizza for lunch before I ran across this blog & challenge) we are doing this for January.
  • Lose 30 lbs - Gah. I've had this last 30 to lose for a long time. I lost about 70 nearly 8 years ago, and have just never shook the last 30. To make this happen, I'm going to get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon. It's a great program, and I know 100% that it works for me as long as I'm tracking my food. So it's back to logging, baby.
  • PR in the half marathon - I will make this happen. Dammit. I have run several half marathons, but I have yet to have a good one. I should be able to get under 2:30 for this distance, and the only thin that keeps it from happening is my less than stellar training. I'm definitely running the Flying Pig Half Marathon on May 1st with a bunch of my imaginary running friends (they are real people, I'm not that nuts. Just people I've met online.). I may try to run one as a training run a bit earlier, but I can't say for sure.
  • Do at least one triathlon or duathlon in 2o11. 2010 was the first year in a long time that I didn't do at least one triathlon. I've got a friend who I'm trying to wrangle into doing a tri or du with me, so we'll see how that turns out before I pick one. I should not have a hard time finding one, since I live in the land of Fit, Skinny, Triathlete, Marathon Crazies (aka Colorado).
The Eat In Month Challenge has great tips on how to make this happen. This will be the hard thing right off the bat, so I'm starting with it. Menu planning is going to be key, as well as getting to the grocery store TODAY. I'll be back later with a meal plan for the week!