Monday, January 3, 2011

So far so good...

So, less than 24 hours in to the Eat In Challenge, I'm still doing good.  That is an accomplishment, right?  RIGHT?  Actually, knowing my DH and I, it is.  Plus, we are off work, and we nearly always grab lunch at somewhere like Chic Fil A or Subway.  We are planning a late lunch (we slept WAY in), and it will consist of rotisserie chicken with some sort of veggie side (we are going grocery shopping, so we'll decide there).  We are planning to get lots of stuff that can be frozen.  So while that will probably include some frozen pizza, it will also include some things like frozen potatoes and veggies, which will be easy to whip up in the evenings.

My mom got me some great glass dishes for Christmas, to put single serving leftovers in to.  She has been reading about BPA in plastic tupperware type containers, and she wants us to all get rid of our plastic.  I actually think this is a great idea, because tupperware flips over in the dishwasher, and glass will not.  Always thinking, I am.  I plan to use these to make some of my own "frozen entrees" for work.  I may even make up a batch of chili to freeze, because it is a great lunch at work, and it's pretty much uber healthy.  It's got beans in it, FFS!!

On a fitness note, I plan to run today.  It is fucking freezing outside, so it will be inside on my treadmill.  4 miles is the goal.  Should be easy.  We shall see.

Tomorrow I'd like to run and do Krav Maga.  I'm so excited to start Krav Maga.  The intro class I went to a couple weeks ago ROCKED, and I know it's going to kick my ass.  I need something to mix up my workout routine, and I hope this does the trick.  I also plan to incorporate Crossfit, since my Krav Maga gym is also a Crossfit affiliate.

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