Saturday, January 15, 2011

What if I never want to go out to eat again?


While I'm definitely getting the hang of Eat In Month, the hubs and I are already planning our first restaurant meal for dinner on February 1st!  :)  On my way home from getting groceries today, I was sorely tempted to hit up Chik Fil A.  We love Chik Fil A.  Mmmmm.

So when I got home, I asked myself "Self, what would we get at Chik Fil A that is so damn good?"  And Self responded "Chicken strips, duh!  And fries.  Don't forget the fries!"  So I whipped up some home made chicken tenders (dredged in parmesan asiago light dressing, or something along those lines, then rolled in panko crumbs with some seasoning, then popped in the oven to bake) and some frozen french fries.  I know, if I was truly a Crunchy Hippie Chick, I would have made my own home fries, and sometimes I do...  but I am also not afraid of frozen french fries.  They are crisping up right now, in the convection setting on my oven.  Add a little, ok, who the hell am I kidding...  A LOT, of ketchup, and it's like Chik Fil A at home.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I'm now down about six pounds from the Oh Shit How Did That Happen? weight.  So YAY!  I'm planning to hop on my treadmill later on for a short run.  Then I'm off to my sweat shop...  oh wait, I mean sewing room.  I've got a new bag cooking up that is looking pretty promising.  Then I've got two orders to fill.  Better get my ass in gear!

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