Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The gauntlet has been HURLED

I'm an ultra competitive person.  Sometimes it manifests itself in not-so-pretty ways.  Sometimes I can be kind of a jerk about it!  It's ok, I work on it constantly.

However, I decided to harness the power of my competitive nature.  I threw down the gauntlet yesterday.  My little brother told me he'd lost 13 lbs since the beginning of the year (holy shit, that is a lot!).  So I challenged him to a weight loss competition.  From now until sometime in March when he goes off to some Army school for a few weeks.  His Army school will mean he needs to be super fit, so this is perfect.

What are we competing for, you ask?

Not money.  Not JUST bragging rights.  Not some sort of chintzy trinket.

We are competing for a chair.  A specific chair in a specific spot around Mom's dinner table.  Every time we are both there, we literally fight for it.  Elbows flying.  Racing to the table.  It's my friggin' chair, but he thinks it's his because in the three years I was off at college while he was still at home, he sat in it.  He claims he sat in it before that, but he's totally full of shit, and we both know it.

So whoever loses the highest % of weight loss by the time he goes off to Army school gets to lay claim to the chair.  Forever.

Hells to the yeah.  I weighed in officially this morning.  190.7.  GAH.  But hey, it gives me lots to lose!  :D

(Still no eating out!  Over three weeks!  I fixed awesome burgers tonight.  I topped mine with onions cooked in the same pan, and some goat cheese.  Friggin' A, that was a good burger.)


  1. I'll have to try that goat cheese burger!

  2. Also, "hurled" made me laugh.

  3. I love it that you commented :D

    Goat cheese is pretty much DA BOMB on anything. I put it in my cheesy ham & potato soup.