Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4/16, Waiting on Dinner, and this m*therf*cking wrist brace

I didn't make it up at 5 am to run, but I did it when I got home, despite all my best efforts to procrastinate it further.  See below:
That's magic-fun-faster-pixie dust on there, not regular old boring dust.

So it's done.  Now I wish someone would feed me.  I'm hungry.  And my DH is in the basement on a skype call for his software.  I need something I can whip up, and have it be fine until whenever he is done.

I'm ready to stuff this motherfucking wrist brace up someone's ass.  It's annoying.  It's a PITA.  I can't sew, I can hardly operate utensils, my handwriting has suffered greatly.  And to really rub salt in the wounds, it still hurts when I take the brace off and bend my wrist.  I have an appointment with my ortho guy on Thursday, but CRIPES I'm sick of this crap.  The brace is itchy, hot, and disgusting after a spin workout.  I washed it on Saturday because it was literally full of sweat.  How grody is that?  I take it off to run, but I have to wear it when I spin, or I end up bending it and leaning on it.  So, while I know there are starving kids in Africa who have it much worse than I do, I'm still going to bitch about it.  So there.

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