Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Positive Thing Today

Today I'm going to focus on eating more fruits & veggies.  A total no-brainer.  But as I looked back on my food intake the last couple weeks, I was astounded at how lacking I was in these areas!!  No matter what other eating behaviors I have, I really need more produce in my life.  It's at least something I can do to nourish my body while I'm figuring out all the other crap. 

So today, that is my one positive thing.  I'm going to take steps to make this happen today.  I brought in some raw veggies to munch on, I'm going to fill my Subway sammich up with veggies, and I think we'll have spaghetti tonight.  Which shall include sauce (mmmmm) and some sauteed onions & peppers (in mine). 

So even if I stuff a box of cookies in my mouth (I do not currently have any cookies, nor do I have immediate plans to obtain any) I will have at least given my body some good, nutritious foods, too. 

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