Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outdoor running rocks.

Ah...  spring seems to be here, at least temporarily.  And I'm loving it.  I have run outside the last three days in a row!  Love Love Love Love.  In addition to this, I've given myself permission to run only a few miles. Lately, I've wanted to run 4-5 miles at a time, and when I didn't really feel like running that far or have time for that, I just opted to not run.  I felt like if I couldn't go for 4-5 miles, then it wasn't even worth going at all.  Which is total and utter bullshit, but it was what I was doing.  So, I've decided to just make it ok to only run 30 minutes, or whatever. 2-3 miles HAS to be better than a big fat 0.  This has vastly improved my likelihood of running.  And sometimes, like yesterday, I told myself it was ok to go out for 3 miles, and I ended up doing nearly 4 because it felt good.  Plus, my neighbor has been up for running...  and having a buddy always helps.  Much more fun to me.

What I'm not loving is my eating patterns.  I bought a bag of easter candy (jelly beans) and ate most of them at work.  It was like I couldn't stop, and the idea of throwing them away to get rid of them make me anxious and pissy.  What is wrong with me?  Why did I even buy them?  I know good and well what is going to happen.

The good news is that I have plenty of fodder for my therapy appointment on Thursday.

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