Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If you are what you eat, I am ice cream.


It was my birthday this past weekend.  As part of that, I made myself an ice cream cake, because GOD DAMMIT it's only my birthday once per year. 

I definitely overate on it.  Like, it's all gone already.  I did eat *mostly* just that on some days.  Which I realize doesn't do me any favors either.  But the cake is gone, and while I certainly can't say I don't wish I had more, I am glad it's not taunting me from the freezer. 

I had some successes this weekend and some failures.  Ice cream cake = failure for the most part.  I mean, I didn't eat it all in one setting.  Random snacking while we had company (typically a real trigger for me) = success.  Silver lining, I suppose. 

Once again, I need to go grocery shopping.  When we get to this point, I feel like the only thing to eat is cheese and potatoes.  Apparently we rarely run out of those two items.  Like tonight, I have no idea what we are having for dinner.  Probably cheese and potatoes followed by a clementine or two.  Bonus points for at least having some fruit around :D  Planning is my downfall.  I don't have kids, so it's pretty easy to be a shitty planner.  The only real consequences are to me and my hubby.  And we are both perfectly capable of getting in the car to go to Subway if the options at our house SUCK. 

Goals for this week: 
  • Meal plan.  Stat. 
  • Go outside and run, for fuck's sake. 
  • Eat more produce.  Like 5-7 servings a day.  For reals, yo.  Of course, that will mean I eat 10 clementines and a banana today. 
  • Try to not beat myself up for the indiscretions over the weekend. 

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  1. I've been eagerly awaiting this post!

    I like your goal to eat more produce.

    No need to respond. Just know that we're enjoying your blog!