Monday, March 7, 2011

Such a relief

I've done enough whining about my wrist lately, that it should come as no surprise that when I got my splint off I was ECSTATIC.  One of the things I hadn't been able to do in four weeks was sew.  I felt like I was positively bursting with creative energy.  It was dying to get out, but I couldn't do a damn thing with it.  I finally sewed a pillow for the couch, because it was square and straight.  That was just a tiny taste of what was on the inside.

But then, as I sat in my messy guest room sewing room, I was kind of paralyzed by not knowing where to start.  I have two outstanding orders, plus a gift to get done, but none of it was flowing.  If you've ever suffered from writer's block, or something similar, you know how it feels.  It's there, you want it to be there, but you just CAN'T.  So frustrating.  But I dived in to a pattern I was reviewing for someone, and whipped out a cute bag.  Now the juices are going, and I'd like to stay up all night sewing.  I'd like to call in sick to work for about a week to sew.

Frickin' job.

So Texas Roadhouse was delicious!  I managed to only eat one roll (it was all buttery goodness).  We all split a couple appetizers, and then I got a 6 oz filet, with a baked potato and salad.  All in all, not too bad.    I love a good filet mignon.  (one of the reasons I'm not a bona fide hippie chick is because I have no desire to give up red meat or be a vegetarian!)  Mmmmm...

I was reading another blog (I wish I could remember which one!) and this gal uses a Griddler to make paninis.  I must have been hungry when I read that blog, because I ordered one on Amazon that very same day.  :D  I just made the most awesome paninis on there for dinner!!  Sourdough rolls, gouda and mozzarella cheese, shaved black forest ham, plus onions and red peppers and a little honey mustard.  I paired it with oven fries.  OMG.  I'm probably going to make these every night this week!  What yummy food are you digging this week?


  1. What yummy food have I been digging this week?

    Bread from the bread machine. I set it up so that the loaf finishes in time for breakfast. I did a Belgian molasses loaf, a brioche loaf and today I did a honey wheat loaf.

    For many years I tried to make bread the old-fashioned way, but it never turned out well. I have surrendered to the bread machine's greatness!


  2. It's hard to go wrong with waking up to fresh baked bread!! Bread is one of the good things about life, IMO. :)