Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dinner Do-over

Last night I popped in a frozen meal.  I did this thing called Suppers 'n A Snap a while ago.  (Side note, which side of the n should the ' go?)  Basically, we prepped freezer meals.  It was awesome.  It cost $59, and I got 5 different meals out of it, which really works out to about 16 meals for the two of us.  Woot!  Well, one of them was this chicken concoction (chicken in a sauce of ranch dressing, mustard, and brown sugar) that they assured me tasted good.  I was skeptical.  Turns out I'm the smart one here.  In an effort to Eat More Produce, I seasoned up some frozen diced butternut squash, and popped in in the oven as well. 

Well, the whole god damned thing was a disaster.  The squash was NASTY.  Squishy, weird texture, and icky flavor.  The chicken?  Weird.  I don't even have words to describe it.  Had there been something tasty paired with it, perhaps I could have drowned it in enough ketchup to make it edible.  But it was not to be.  So we hucked it all in the trash can and went to Chick Fil A.  :D  Which did not disappoint. 

In other news, I also got outside for a run last night before supper.  Go me!  It was just chilly enough that I was never hot while I was running.  I am beginning to wonder, however, if I don't have some exercise induced asthma.  I was super wheezy last night, couldn't stop with this annoying cough, and couldn't get a deep breath to save my life.  I get this off and on, and I have diagnosed myself with exercise induced asthma.  I'm going to see my doc to find out if an inhaler on hand is a good idea.  It even came back a bit this morning after Spin!  So no good.  I am not a fan of wheezing. 

I'm also supposed to be able to start doing stuff with my wrist, like putting pressure on it (like while doing a push-up) next week.  However, it doesn't feel good when I even push out of a chair on it, so I'm not sure it's ready.  I'm going to go see that doctor on Monday to see what he recommends.  I can't do Krav Maga or Crossfit until I can do weight bearing/impact stuff with my wrist.  If I'm going to do the Warrior Dash in July (did I tell you all about that yet?) I gotta be able to use my wrist! 

Tonight is therapy again.  I still need to do my homework!  I'll post more about that later on... 

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