Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This morning I had a solid group of 8 students.  I'm definitely getting "regulars" to my classes, and I love it a ridiculous amount.  This weekend I hope to sit down and work out a few new Spinning profiles to throw into the rotation.  With this many regulars, I don't want to re-use my profiles too often.  I also need to find some new songs to toss into the mix.  It can't be All-Lady-Gaga-All-The-Time.  Well, it could be...  but you know, people will probably revolt eventually! 

Anyhoo, class this morning was great!  I think I gave them a good workout, and I chatted with a couple of the really friendly folks.  I'm going to see if one gal wants to get together to run with me on Sunday.  I love having a running buddy.  I'm about 800x less likely to skip if I'm meeting someone.  Like it would have to be seriously cold, or snowy before I'd cancel.  Whereas, if it's just me, I totally wuss out.  I am sure that says something about how I treat myself, how I am not accountable to me, etc...  What can ya do, right?

Oh.  Right.  Go talk to someone about it.  D'oh!  Tonight is my first appointment, and I'd be a giant lying sack of crap if I told you I wasn't nervous.  I am.  I'm pre-filling the paperwork for the appointment, and I'm wondering what it's going to be like.  Will I cry?  (probably, I'm a cryer, and I've already cried once today (a work thing, which is doubly horrifying))  Will she wonder WTF my deal is, and why I am there?  (I hope not)  Will she tell me stuff I don't want to hear?  Will I leave there thinking therapy is utter bullshit?  (I hope not)  So many unknowns. So I'm going to wile away the afternoon, trying to distract myself from the annoying little voice in my head that is telling me this won't help me, and that I should just give up and be happily plump for the rest of my life.  SHUT UP, BITCH!  (the voice is the bitch in question, not me :D)

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