Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Killer Spin, Session Two, and job frustrations

You know that feeling of dragging your ass out of bed, even when all you want to do is throw the covers back on and sleep for about eight more hours?  Yeah.  I had that this morning.  However, I also had a Spin class to teach.  So I drug my sorry butt out of bed and into workout clothes.  Off I went to class.  We tore it up.  Climbs, sprints, the works.  It's amazing what a 45 minute workout will do for your state of mind.  I walked out of the gym feeling energized and ready for the day.  Gotta love the instant pick me up you get from endorphins.  All of this SHOULD propel me out of bed on the mornings when I don't teach.  Yet somehow, it does not.  I love having my workout done for the day.  I'm less stressed all day, because I'm not mentally trying to work something in after work, in the evening, at lunch, etc.  Plus, it is crazy nice to come home and know that I have free time to sew, veg out, read my book, or even watch tv!

Tonight is my second session with my therapist.  That is weird to say:  My Therapist.  She gave me some homework.  An additional questionnaire to fill out and a chapter to read from a book.  I'm most of the way done with all of that, so I should be all set.  I'm hoping for another good session. 

I'm frustrated at work.  Who isn't, nowadays, right?  I feel like I want to do something fitness-y or health-y, or get into teaching somehow.  Not teaching little kids (shoot me) but teaching at a college level.  I don't really know what to do to make either of them happen.  Aside from win the lottery.  Which would be super fantastic.  I don't even need to win a BIG lottery.  A cool mil would do the trick. 


  1. What book is the therapist having you read?


  2. You know, I don't know the title of it... She sent me a chapter on binge eating, and the different kinds. I had to identify which ones spoke to me. A lot of them did, but there were a couple that were really obvious to me. Like, OH YEAH, I do this.