Friday, June 3, 2011

Riding the wave

In therapy, we've talked a lot about riding the wave of anxiety/sadness/whatever out until it is no longer cresting... If I can just convince myself that it will go back down, I can get thru that moment without stuffing something in my mouth to make it go away.  Tonight I actually said, out loud to myself "Just ride the wave."

Totally cheesy, but it seems to have helped.  I'm writing this instead of working my way thru the bag of chocolate chips that are practically SCREAMING at me from the pantry.

So, I had a fabulous weekend at home with my family over Memorial Day.  Which is super happy and fun.  But now, they are so far away again!  It took all of 4 days to get homesick!  What the hell is wrong with me??!


  1. These posts are GREAT!!! You are one AMAZING person whom I LOVE dearly & MISS dearly!!!

  2. there is not a thing wrong with you. i get homesick for my momma about 3.6 seconds after she pulls out of my driveway. it is what happens when your family is super-awesome :)

  3. Good point, Holly :)

    Becky, I love you too, sweetie.