Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color, Exile, and Tools.

Color makes me happy.  This isn't news to me, as I've mentioned before...

But I made some super fun stuff this weekend, and they are all colorful and I <big fat puffy heart> them.  Just for funsies:
Hippie Dippie Mug (SODIE) Rug

I only made the apron, y'all.  My SIL & BIL made the beautiful girl.

New purse style - for my SIL's b-day!

These make me happy and cheerful, and it makes me wish I could quit my job and be creative all day long.  I desperately want to figure out a way to make enough money on my hobby to replace my day-job income.  I think the "cooped up in an office all day" thing is getting to me.

Exile.  I have put fitness and health magazines on exile from my home.  My therapist recommended magazines as a tool (more on this later) but put a caveat on it.  She said that often the health & fitness mags are full of diets, programs, and unattainable images.  I think she's right.  As I've been purposefully NOT reading them, I feel lighter.  I need some new magazine suggestions, tho.  Any ideas?  I got DH a subscription to Wired, but it hasn't arrived yet.  Secretly, I got it as much for me as for him.  :)  Maybe that Simple Magazine?  Martha Stewart?  Hmmm...

So, Tools.  Not like "Tool or Douche?" tool, but tools I can use when I am feeling the urge to fall back on an eating behavior that isn't serving me.  Something to replace those advantages I've talked about.  We have talked about creating a real live tool box, where I can put items like non-fitness magazines, or my nail polish, etc...  stuff to DO when I feel bored, or am procrastinating.  We'll talk some more tonight about tools, I'm sure.  Another tool that we discussed is going outside.  Whether that means going outside and doing yard work, or going outside and just sitting on my deck to read a book.  SOMETHING to change the behavior, and stop the pattern. 

I'll share more after tonight's session! 


  1. I guess you could go with Cat Fancy. Really though, I like the Real Simple magazine.