Friday, February 25, 2011

Water bottles, Spin, and Wine

Not all at the same time, I promise.  Although, I'm pretty sure I could do it. 

I lost my trusty camelback water bottle.  Booo.  So in an effort to drink more water and less diet mountain dew, I bought myself a purty new pink water bottle.  It's a little different, but I like it so far.  It's double walled, so it won't get all wet on the outside when it's even remotely warm.  And, it is self-sealing at the top, so it shouldn't spill.  Score! 

Contigo water bottle, from the ever awesome Target

Do you have a water bottle you love?  I am, right as I type, making myself drink a bottle of water before I have another diet mountain dew. 

Next up...  Spin.  Wednesday morning's class was awesome.  I've accumulated a decent following for my classes, getting anywhere from 8-10 people pretty regularly for the early morning class.  Woohoo!  Saturday mornings are more hit or miss, and I share Saturdays with two other instructors.  So, I need to tweak a class for tomorrow morning's class.  I am going to update one of my longer classes with a few changes in the profile itself, and some new (to me) music to really get us going.  Should be fun!  Tonight, I must must must run.  I mean, seriously, I must do it when I get home. 

Wine.  Well, it just sounds good today.  So I'm going to hit the liquor store (that sounds like I'm going to rob it, but I'll probably just go ahead and pay for my wine like a good law abiding citizen :D) and get some Rose wine.  That is pronounced Ros-A, by the way.  In case you are telling your friends about it, you don't them to make fun of you and call you a small town hick when you all it Rose Wine, which is what it frickin' says.  But I digress...  I think a glass (or two?) of the wine sounds wonderful at this point.  Must run first.  Then wine.  Seriously, that is the order that it must happen in order for the run to happen at all! 


  1. Why yes, I DO have a favorite water bottle. I won it from Roots (Lloyd, I guess?) when he had a contest to guess his time on a race. I won and the bottle was my prize. I cannot remember the name, but it's still going strong, five years later.

  2. Sweet, I love a good water bottle. I drink more water when I have one I like!