Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh my, it's been a while!

So, after Eat In Month ended, I apparently forgot I had a blog.  Oops. 

In reality, what happened was that I went to a Krav Maga class and hurt my right wrist.  It's been splinted for over two weeks and it is MAKING ME F*CKING CRAZY.  I've eaten out plenty, because it turns out there are lots of things I don't do well with my left hand.  Including wield a knife, flip anything with a spatula, and dishes. I see the doctor again today and I'm really hoping to get rid of the splint.  I chipped a bone, either my big arm bone or one of the tiny ones in my wrist.  There is a piece of bone floating around in there, which apparently doesn't feel great.  Soooooo...  it will either absorb back in to my body (how grody is that?) or they may have to go in and get it (which isn't happening, cause I don't want it to).  I'm hoping to find out it magically grossly absorbed into my body when I see the doctor later today. 

This seriously has cramped my style.  I can't sew, I struggle with cooking, and this thing gets NASTY when I sweat.  So yeah, I'm ready for it to be done. 

I've been eating, well, poorly.  I'm tracking my food again, this time using Sparkpeople for a change.  I'd like to use my blog to report on that, as well as talk about my training, etc.  My half marathon is coming up on May 1st, and I plan to do an 8 mile run this Sunday while I am in Ft. Worth at DH's cousin's house.  One of my imaginary running friends (NOVIA!) is going to come get me and run with me.  I never turn down company! 

We leave tomorrow afternoon for Ft. Worth.  This will be a challenging weekend of eating.  Going out to eat a lot, poker party food, alcohol, staying up late.  Lots of fun, but not great for my weight loss challenge!  Plus, our Girl Scout Cookies arrive today (insert music of doom here).  UGH! 


  1. You're waiting for a floating bone to be re-absorbed into your body?

    Yikes, dude.

    I hope you got rid of the splint.

    My mom bought a few boxed of Girl Scout cookies at her church recently, but luckily, she forgot and left them there. Thank you, universe.

  2. The GS cookies are not doing me any favors. UGH.