Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creative ADD

So, I don't mean to make light of ADD.  Honest.  But sometimes I feel like I have Creative ADD.  I want to do so many things.  I want to learn how to do graphic design, how to design websites, how to make cool jewelry out of stuff like this, make 8 zillion different bags, make art to hang on the walls, etc...   Sometimes I just sit on the bed in my guest room, which is constantly covered with piles of fabric (until I have a guest, then I reluctantly stuff it in the closet), and I look at them, put them together, trying to imagine how they will look together in a bag, or a skirt, or hung on the wall in some pretty way.  I move it all around, wander from room to room, picking up fabrics that are still on my dining room table (my fabric cutting table), taking them into my sewing/guest room, moving it all around again...  over and over.

Sometimes I feel like get paralyzed by my creative ADD.  Like, there is so much I want to do, and so many different colors to put together, in so many ways, and I just can't pick one to do.

I have a bag mostly cut out right now, and I have 8 orders pending...  I'm waiting on some fabrics for all of them (mail = super fun!), so I can't really do anything on them, but I want to, but I can't, and instead I want to put a bag together for me (a shoulder sling).

I put my website up yesterday (Wyrillco Creations) and since then I've had 5 orders!!  Holy crapinoly.

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